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Work in Dubai - Careers, Vacancies, Work and Jobs in Dubai Dubai, one of the seven emirates of UAE, has the better population. Next to Abu Dhabi, Dubai is the better emirate by breadth and is amid on south of the Persian Gulf. For humans searching for jobs in the Gulf, it is one of the a lot of approved afterwards career destinations. Working hours - The Official Portal of the UAE Government Article 65 of the UAE Labour Law identifies the normal working hours for the private sector as 8 hours per day or 48 hours per week. The working hours may be increased to 9 hours a day for businesses, hotels and cafes after approval from MoHRE. Government entities are not governed by the Labour Law and they operate for 7 hours daily. Working and Getting a Job in the UAE | InterNations GO! Working in the UAE attracts hordes of expats every year with promises of tax-free salaries, luxury housing packages, and year-round sunny weather. However, as the UAE’s relatively young job market has matured, salary offerings have dipped and there are fewer job postings.

Apr 18, 2019

According to the UAE Labour Law the maximum working hours in Dubai are eight hours per day, or 48 hours per week (the maximum for those working in hotels, restaurants, and certain other industries is 9 hours per day). Any work over this time is classified as overtime, and should be paid at rate of 1.25 times the regular hourly rate. Working in the UAE - NYU Abu Dhabi Working in the UAE. Abu Dhabi is a top choice for employed alumni. Alumna Karma Dolma Gurung, from Kathmandu, Nepal, learned a lot during her four years at NYU Abu Dhabi, except how to become an expat when she landed her first job in Abu Dhabi. Living and working in a city where almost everyone is from another country, meant she had to make the

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Working and Living in the UAE - The Life in the United The UAE, short vor United Arab Emirates, is a fantastic place to live in, escpecially for families. Its safety and abundance of leisure offers is amazing and due to its tax free living, it is becoming more and more popular with foreign firms and entrepreneurs. What is it like to live and work in Dubai? - Quora