sudo ifconfig wlan0 down sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor sudo ifconfig wlan0 up Verify that you put wlan0 up before you try running reaver You may have not properly brought up your wireless network adapter wlan0 You should restart your computer, run the above commands to configure your network adapter, and rerun reaver. You might want to issue this command if the lease time is long and you need to take down the network interface for an extended period of time or you want to remove the system from the network. Drop the IP address – The command ifconfig interface dhcp drop causes dhcpagent to take down the network interface without informing the DHCP server The below ip command is alternative for ifconfig to disable a specific interface. This can be verified by the output of 'ip a' command which shows all the interfaces by default, either up or down, but highlights their status along with the description. # ip link set eth0 down To re-enable the interface, just replace down with up. # ip link set

ifconfig tr0 inet down In this example, the interface to be marked is token0. Note: Only a user with root user authority can modify the configuration of a network interface. To turn rfc1323 off for all connections over en5 (assuming that the global value is 1), enter the following command:

Solved: "ifconfig down" keeping the link state - Hewlett Re: "ifconfig down" keeping the link state In Linux, you can configure a network interface UP without assigning an IP address to it. This stops the TCP/IP driver stack from using the interface, but the physical link will still be active and low-level access (e.g. tcpdump) is possible. Linux ifconfig Command Examples - JournalDev Linux ifconfig command without any options. The ifconfig command without any arguments …

Jun 10, 2019 · ifconfig -a: ip a: ifconfig enp6s0 down: ip link set enp6s0 down: ifconfig enp6s0 up: ip link set enp6s0 up: ifconfig enp6s0 ip addr add dev enp6s0: ifconfig enp6s0 netmask ip addr add dev enp6s0: ifconfig enp6s0 mtu 9000: ip link set enp6s0 mtu 9000: ifconfig enp6s0:0

What is the difference between 'ifconfig up eth0' and An "ifconfig up eth0" activates eth0 but does not setup IP addresses, however an "ifup eth0" setup IP addresses or other options based by an ifcfg-eth0, because the "ifup" uses an "ifup-eth*" script. The ifup command will also configure any static routes that are configured in the network-scripts directory. The ifconfig command will not. 12.04 - How to reset ifconfig counters? - Ask Ubuntu $ ifconfig eth0 down $ modprobe -r e1000 $ modprobe e1000 $ ifconfig eth0 up Use ethtool to find out your NIC module: $ ethtool -i eth0 In front of driver you see your module name: driver: e1000 version: 7.3.21-k8-NAPI firmware-version: Use apt-get to install ethtool as follow: $ apt-get install ethtool ifconfig: socket: Host is down - Hewlett Packard