Banking Secrecy 12 In Belgium, banking secrecy is defi ned as ‘profes-sional secrecy’. It implies civil liability. Even though banking secrecy is not subject to crimi-nal sanctions, Belgian law recognises and guarantees banking secrecy by making it opposable to third parties (tax authorities, etc.) In fi scal matters, banking secrecy is

Banking going to the Cloud – Main Swiss regulations to Swiss banking secrecy. The diligence of Swiss banks with regard to the privacy of customers is one of the most renowned features of the Swiss economy. Violation of banking secrecy is a crime in Switzerland; therefore Swiss banks must consider carefully potential threats to secrecy … Swiss banking secrecy nears end following new tax rules Jan 02, 2017 Switzerland to Relax Bank Secrecy Laws - International Finance

European Commissioner: Bank Secrecy No Longer Exists in

Swiss say goodbye to banking secrecy - SWI Jan 01, 2017 SWITZERLAND | Open an Offshore Bank Account

SWITZERLAND BANK SECRECY LEGAL FRAMEWORK Article 47 of the Swiss Federal Act on Banks and Savings Banks (amended 2016) (Banking Act), is the primary law governing bank secrecy in Switzerland. Those disclosing customer data in violation of this provision …

Offshore Havens- Bank Secrecy Unless the customer provides a satisfactory explanation, the bank is required to alert law enforcement authorities. European countries which have preserved or developed a tradition of bank secrecy include Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Channel Islands, and Gibraltar. Balz Bruppacher: «Banking Secrecy's Cost Outweighed Benefit»