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2008-12-24 Can I hook up my ps3 to pc and be able to pay a game on it 2009-10-24 · So I'm asking whether there is a way I can hook up my ps3 to pc using some cables and and be able to play games. The PC acts like a TV and the game is in the PS3. Update: I have and Hp dv9000 lap top. Answer Save. 3 Answers. Relevance. Andy. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. PS2 Controller to PS3/PC Cable Converter The Controller Adapter for PS2®/ PlayStation® Compatible with PS3®/ PC allows you to use your controller on your PC or console without installing any additional software! Simply hook up the cable to your PC will install the driver automatically. Connect PS3 Controller on PC Windows 10/8/7 or Laptop

Jun 27, 2020 · To do so, press the stylized "PS" button in the middle of your controller. If your PS3 controller is paired with your PS3, first unplug the PS3 from its power source. 2 Connect your controller to your PC.

Steps to Connect PS3 Controller to Windows PC The first controller connected to a single receiver works very smoothly. After the program is downloaded all you have to do is to plug the controller into PC and start playing. The most recommendable software needed to be downloaded so that your computer will recognize the PS3 controller.

I recently bought an HP all in one Pc and I wanted to be able to hook up my ps3 to it in hopes of playing a few games (mainly the new game WatchDogs). However, I have a serious delimma. My computer has no HDMI port. I know this factor has really dininshed the likelihood of me connecting my ps3 to my Pc, however I was wondering if getting a Usb How can I hook up my PS3 controller to my pc? | Yahoo … 2009-5-1 · So, ok. Nothing is working for me. I've installed 4 different drivers and followed the instructions to the letter, copying files to appropriate paths and so on. Control is detected under control panel > hardware > game controllers, but it won't calibrate or register. Any ideas? I'm not much of a computer buff, so if someone could give me a play-by-play how to, i'd really appreciate it How to Hook Up a PlayStation 4 to a TV: 5 Steps (with 2019-4-17 · How to Hook Up a PlayStation 4 to a TV. This wikiHow will teach you how to hook up a PlayStation 4 to a flat-screen TV. All you need is an HDMI cable. Locate the HDMI out port on the back of … Whats the best way to hook up PS3 controller to Laptop/PC