Horizon supports two client types: VMware and Custom. VMware Horizon clients are pre-built clients for Microsoft Windows™ or Linux or Android and are distributed as binaries. Custom clients are clients which can be developed by the thin client end point solution partners based on the VMware XML API specification.

Select VMware Horizon Client and tap Get Once the app has downloaded and installed, tap Open , or tap on the icon on your homescreen Tap on the field labeled Server Address and type: https://view.euc.untsystem.edu I have built a Linux desktop with the VMware Horizon View Client for Linux and am successfully able to auto-launch the client and connect to a View session. I am using a non-persistent desktop pool. My problem is that I would like to re-launch the view client to auto-connect back to the desktop pool once a user has logged off from the View Aug 23, 2013 · See how to setup vmware view client on linux Ubuntu LTS version. VMware View is a technology to delivery virtual desktops, also know as VDI. Install VMware Horizon Client. VMware Horizon HTML Access. Check here to skip this screen and always use HTML Access. To see the full list of VMware Horizon Clients Dec 16, 2011 · Just launch the Ubuntu Software Center and search for VMware View to download and install the VMware View client. The new Linux client has a really simple user interface to get up and running. VMware View Client for iPad The VMware View Client for iPad is now at version 1.3. We have been doing a lot of great work on the iPad this year and we VMware Horizon (formerly called Horizon View) is a commercial desktop and app virtualization product developed by VMware, Inc for Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS Operating Systems. It was first sold under the name VMware VDM , but with the release of version 3.0.0 in 2008 it was changed to "VMware View".

This guide, Using VMware Horizon Client for Linux, provides information about installing and using VMware Horizon™ Client™ software on a Linux client system to connect to a View desktop in the datacenter.

Install the Ubuntu 14.04 i386 version of vmware-view-client Just right click on the downloaded file and choose Open With GDebi Package Installer and click Install when it loads. Now, vmware-view-client should be installed and available from Applications > Internet > VMware View Client. View for Linux: View Open Client: View Web-Access: Windows: Linux: Mac: Function: USB Redirection: 3.1: Multimedia Redirectio: 3.1: x: Virtual Printing: CAC/ Smart Card Horizon Client * Linux Agent 22443 TCP Blast if Blast Security Gateway is not used Security Server, View Connection Server, or Access Point appliance * Linux Agent 22443 TCP Blast if Blast Security Gateway is used View Agent * View Connection Server 4001, 4002 TCP Dec 06, 2014 · vmware-view-client_4.0.1-235010_i386.deb. After the files are located in your home directory we will use the dpkg utility to install them with the following two commands. dpkg -i hptc-rdesktop_1.6.0-1.27_i386.deb. dpkg -i vmware-view-client_4.0.1-235010_i386.deb. After this step is complete you now have a Linux system with a PCoIP View client.

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VMware Horizon Clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Chrome and Android allow you to connect to your VMware Horizon virtual desktop from your device of choice giving you on-the-go access from any location. Click here for a list of certified thin clients, zero clients, and other partner solutions for VMware Horizon. Welcome to the VMware Horizon® Client™ for Linux documentation page. The documents on this page are designed to help you install, configure, and use Horizon Client on a Linux system. To find the release notes, user guide, and installation and setup guide for your Horizon Client for Linux version, locate the version in the table of contents Customers who have successfully built their own Linux-based endpoints and need an updated client should contact their SE. Individual users can download the Horizon client installer bundle from VMware Horizon client download page. Ubuntu users can download the Horizon (with View) Client via the Ubuntu Software Center.