TS-1 Hard Drive And Tape Degausser (NSA Evaluated) CALL FOR BEST GSA PRICING! The TS-1 NSA/CSS Evaluated Degausser is certified and independently 3rd party tested to erase hard drives up to 5,000 Oe and tape media to 2,800 Oe with plenty of extra power for future technology advances. Price: $17,975.00 Sale price: $16,500.00

SEM Model 0101 Sledgehammer Hard Drive Crusher If you're looking for an NSA Listed hard drive crusher that is NSA and DOD evaluated, the SEM Model 0101 Sledgehammer is an excellent option. It punches hard drives with an impressive 12,000lbs of force, and it's able to punch any drive that measures 1.85" x 9" or smaller for great flexibility in use. NSA Degausser - NSA Hard Drive Degaussing - TS-1 Data The disadvantage of degaussing is the hard drive cannot be re-used. After degaussing, the data on a degaussed hard drive simply no longer exists. Secure and Compliant. The TS-1 will help you satisfy the most stringent government and industry standards, including: NSA/CSS/DoD Top Secret; NIST SP 800-88r1; IRS 1075; CCPA (California Consumer

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The NSA is inside hard drive firmware - now what

Non-Degaussed Hard Drives: to be accepted by CMC, remove from, server, computer tower or outer case, etc. Next, remove, all the mounting bracketing, the framing, (some have heavy metal backing plates that need to be removed), and (as of 2016) the circuit board. In addition, please do not leave screws protruding screws on any the side of the drive.

NSA/CSS EPL, Hard Drive Destruction Devices 15 June 2016 3 Hard Drive Bending Devices Sponsor Device Name Power Source Throughput (Drives/Hour) Weight Authorized Size Proton Data Security PDS-50 Hydraulically Driven 120 Volts/15 Amps 90 132 Lbs. Laptop and 1-Inch PDS-75 Manual Crank Manually: 165 48.4 Lbs. Laptop, 1-Inch, & 1.65-Inch Media Destruction Guidance - National Security Agency Dec 19, 2017 Best NAS hard drive of 2020: Network attached storage for May 29, 2020