Use technical methods to obscure the IP addresses and anything else that may identify users. IP addresses. The best method to anonymize IP addresses depends in intricate detail upon the intended use of the data-set, and what kind of analysis you want the recipient to be able to do. The most secure method is to delete all IP addresses.

You can always make anonymous call online from your cell phone by applying some simple private number calling trick. For example, all smart phones today come with the feature to Block Caller ID. Immediately you change your cell phone to block caller ID, Anonymous Call, Anonymous Dialing or Unknown Number will always be displayed on the receiver To collect anonymous responses, edit the collector options to disable IP address tracking and email address tracking before sending out your survey. You need to edit each of the collectors you have for the survey separately to make sure all your survey results are anonymous. Jan 24, 2019 · Anonymous IP addresses (sometimes incorrectly generalized as “proxies”) serve to hide a web user’s true IP address and obfuscate their geolocation. There are legitimate reasons, usually related to privacy or security, to use anonymous IPs, but many businesses find that fraudsters and other bad actors also use anonymous IPs in malicious Get Anonymous IP Address for Complete Private Browsing. With an anonymous IP address assigned to your mobile phone or computer, you can safeguard your identity, location, and data from third-parties who are interested to find out more about you. Try now for as low as $0.99 for 7 Days.

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